Meet The Owner

Camaiya Ajee’ is the founder and owner of the Glorious Glow brand and product line. Glorious Glow was inspired by her very own personal struggles with eczema and dry skin. She was diagnosed with eczema, at the age of 9 and suffered from symptoms and outbreaks without relief, cure, and sifted through many failed prescriptions. From years of emotional and physical pain, Glorious Glow was born! After experiencing personal transformation by using her own handmade products she decided to share the gift with the rest of the world.

Glorious Glow now offers a variety of different scents, sizes, a body polishes, and even skincare and facial services, makeup application, and spa parties as a licensed esthetician. Self-care prioritization is her main goal using her services and products to inspire people from all over the world who are impacted by the burden of dealing with dry skin, eczema, and other skin issues to not only discover your natural, God-given glow but to unapologetically embrace YOUR glow!